• Maintains well-known company assets in wool fabric manufacturing industry,
  • Improves customer and employees satisfaction matters,
  • Produces right in first time every time,
  • Trains constantly,
  • Monitors new technologies, evaluates and embeds them to its manufacturing process,
  • Constantly improves the effectiveness of Quality Management System,
  • Be sensitive to environmental issues and legal regulations.
  • Complies with the legal Regulations and Policies and takes all required permissions,
  • Invests and implements every kind of projects that help to reduce environmental impacts,
  • Trains employees to raise environmental awareness,
  • Tries to be a leading company on environmental awareness issues,
  • Tries to be consistent on environmental activities.
  • Respects to human rights and displays it in its every actions or procedures,
  • Gives importance to Health and Safety issues, takes routine controls and continuously trains its employees,
  • Complies with the legal regulations in its every actions, tries to do better than they requires,
  • Develops continuous improvements works to use natural sources efficiently,
  • Tries to build up environmental awareness among its employees,
  • Supports its employees to live with environmental awareness not only at work but also in their private life,
  • Does not use or keep available any chemicals regarded as (Substances of very high concern) SHVC,
  • Collects all its waste, separates, temporarily stores and transports them according to available legal regulations, assures their consistency,
  • Believes in team works, generates project groups to get maximum contribution of its employees. By doing this, it creates a synergy among them, helps them to improve their personal developments and gives them opportunities to assist the management to make the right decisions.