Bahariye Mensucat

Was founded as a worsted and woolen yarn and fabric Eyup, Istanbul in1951. The facility was re-located to the Istanbul's industrial region, Ikitelli, in 1984. The company maintains a prominent position in this realm of the textile industry in Turkey today. Since its foundation, Bahariye has diligently followed new trends and progresses in the industry. It always has adapted the new technologies, and processes rapidly. Both the capacity and the quality of production have increased by the aid of modern machinery and techniques which are consistent with the latest innovations. Bahariye Mensucat has demonstrated a consistent growth and has become a symbol of quality in the world textile sector.

Bahariye aims to maintain its high position in the industry by providing both the domestic and international markets with the quality of its products and service.

The Production Cycle

Wool and synthetic tops are dyed with well-equipped and advance technology dyeing machines. By the aid of automatic chemical distribution and dyestuff weighing systems installed, repeatability and right first time (RFT) in dye house can always be maintained, unnecessary waste of chemicals or dyestuff can also be prevented. Risk of hazards to workers is minimalized due to the availability of such closed systems that can automatically transfer chemicals and dye solution to vessels without necessities of touching them. Bright and permanent colors can also be achieved successfully. Prior to spinning, blending of different composition of fibers or colors, parallelization and homogeneity of fiber bands are established with simultaneous doubling and drawing processes. At the same time, unwanted neps, short fibers and vegetable matters can be removed by combing machines. In four staged preparation line cleaned, parallel and uniformly colored materials are gradually become finer bands and fed to roving machines. After roving stage, delicate and fine materials are ready to spin with the latest technology compact spinning machines. In these machines, high quality hairless yarns can be produced with required finest and twists. These machines are also equipped with components that are necessary to produce elastic yarn. After spinning, yarns are cleaned with faults such as thin, thick places, neps and slubs by Schlafhorst winding machines. After winding, bobbins are checked and physically tested in well- equipped QC laboratory and delivered to warehouse. Suitable to customer orders warps are prepared with electronically controlled warping machines and automatically drawed in Staubli Delta 110 machine and became ready to weave. Warps are efficiently weaved by the latest technology Picanol/Gammax weaving machines. After fabrics with higher quality are produced, they pass through inspection and mending stages and send to finishing department. In finishing, fabrics are processed at numerous stages with the latest technology finishing machines. Finished fabrics are %100 inspected according to the handle reference that is agreed by customers. Fabrics that physical and mechanical properties are tested and approved by QC laboratory are packed and delivered to customers. Every stage of production is controlled by Axapta ERP systems. Therefore, products can be easily traced during production. In spinning, production data are monitored online by Ring data systems. In weaving, they are also monitored online by Texdata systems.