As BAHARIYE MENSUCAT, We believe in that Sustainable Success depends on implanting various management systems, designed for questioning existing methods or process and targeting continuous improvements of them. That is why; we declare the below points as our Policies and commit to execute them in Enterprise

  • Maintains well-known company assets in wool fabric manufacturing industry,
  • Improves customer and employees satisfaction matters,
  • Produces right in first time every time,
  • Trains constantly,
  • Monitors new technologies, evaluates and embeds them to its manufacturing process,
  • Constantly improves the effectiveness of Quality Management System,
  • Be sensitive to environmental issues and legal regulations.
  • Complies with the legal Regulations and Policies and takes all required permissions,
  • Invests and implements every kind of projects that help to reduce environmental impacts,
  • Trains employees to raise environmental awareness,
  • Tries to be a leading company on environmental awareness issues,
  • Tries to be consistent on environmental activities.
  • Respects to human rights and displays it in its every actions or procedures,
  • Gives importance to Health and Safety issues, takes routine controls and continuously trains its employees,
  • Complies with the legal regulations in its every actions, tries to do better than they requires,
  • Develops continuous improvements works to use natural sources efficiently,
  • Tries to build up environmental awareness among its employees,
  • Supports its employees to live with environmental awareness not only at work but also in their private life,
  • Does not use or keep available any chemicals regarded as (Substances of very high concern) SHVC,
  • Collects all its waste, separates, temporarily stores and transports them according to available legal regulations, assures their consistency,
  • Believes in team works, generates project groups to get maximum contribution of its employees. By doing this, it creates a synergy among them, helps them to improve their personal developments and gives them opportunities to assist the management to make the right decisions.

  • All activities will be in accordance with the related laws and regulations.
  • We will reduce amount of energy consumptions per produced meter of fabric by improving our existing processes regarding energy efficient points. By doing this, we will not compromise our quality and production rate.
  • In Every stage of production, we will consider energy efficient methods and applications in case of modification or designing of process,
  • In purchasing activities, we will give priority to energy efficient machines and appliances.
  • We will continuously improve performance and effectiveness of Energy Management System